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Mission and Guiding Principles

Vintners’ Alliance seeks to become THE trusted partner for wineries who desire to sustainably increase their direct to consumer sales. We do this by bringing proven tools and technologies from the specialty and luxury retail industries. All services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Increased sales; cost savings; actionable insights

We work for you and understand that success is a quantifiable thing: Increased sales, cost savings, actionable insights. Our fees are always structured as a function of your realized success – we get paid after you do.


Our techniques are proven over the last 25 years with some of the biggest direct to consumer and luxury companies in the country, including Patagonia, Brookstone and Williams-Sonoma. What retailers, particularly those in the luxury/specialty space discovered years ago: If a customer buys a product through a catalog or online, they are exponentially more likely to buy again.

Understanding and having predictive models on who that customer is, how to find more of them, and how to communicate with each unique customer is critical to new and renewed direct sales success as well as enhancing a given brand. Managing vivid, effective and relevant campaigns, and segmenting customer data to predictive buying behavior is a science.

Vintners' Alliance is introducing innovative and time tested technologies and tools that have proven to sustainably increase sales for other super premium brands, to the wine industry.

Key Benefits to Working with us

  • Understand your own customers better Through best in class segmentation technology and proprietary algorithms, Vintners’ Alliance creates incremental insights beyond your own customer file.
  • Access 'enterprise class' tools and gain pricing efficiency Vintners' Alliance aggregates the demand of our partners for certain services. This lets us deploy powerful tools for promotions such as email sending services. In addition, we are able to create pricing efficiencies through the aggregate volume.
  • Acquire new customers Through data modeling, Vintners' Alliance can create efficient customer acquisition relationships and opportunities (we know who is the most likely person to buy from you and then we are able to go out and find that person).

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